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CHAFOR stands for high quality clothing and exclusive products, DESIGNED IN PARIS and MADE IN GERMANY, paying great attention to details and sustainability. The look is classic-elegant with a modern edge and plays with the fusion of masculine and feminine elements. The subtle design is completed by sophisticated details, creating a style that is easy to combine, trans-seasonal and strikes the balance between classic and modern. Each piece is mixing highest levels of tailoring with the best, comfortable fit and quality. CHAFOR offers a modern perspective on classic styles. Every piece embodies a standard and an attitude – the strong personality of modern, cosmopolitan women and sophisticated customers who know who they are and what they want. Elegant and fashionable but not following every trend: independent, daring, understated and sophisticated.

Design/ Production
DESIGNED IN PARIS – MADE IN GERMANY. German precision and quality paired with French creativity and know- how – that is what CHAFOR stands for. The pieces are designed and hand-draped in Paris – always en vogue and open for new currents but never loosing sight of the brand’s own style. The collections are exclusively produced in Bavaria, Germany. This guarantees a clearly documented, transparent production- and supply–chain. The company knows the entire value-added chain, from raw materials to the finished product. When choosing fabrics CHAFOR also looks for a transparent and ecologically correct production, which results in the materials being mostly eco-certified. The fabrics come mainly from France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. CHAFOR also has garments solely produced for them according to sustainable, fair standards. The high quality of the materials and the creative aspect go hand in hand with ethical aspects and are of vital importance to CHAFOR.


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